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South Africa – A World In One Country

South Africa, the southernmost country on the African continent, is renown for its varied geography, natural beauty and cultural diversity. Since the end of Apartheid South Africa a fascinating travel destination. With 2 climate zones, more than 2000 km of coastline, 20 national parks and over 400 private nature and game reserves South Africa offers an incredible variety of landscapes and a paradise for all nature and wildlife lovers.

The pulsating metropolises of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban are places of impressive contrasts, where first and third world, tradition and modernity meet in astonishing ways. Cape Town on the far South is the most accessible gateway and offers vibrant multicultural neighbourhoods, lots of arts and culture, famous vineyards, and a lively night life. It is a perfect place for global learning.  Hence most of our volunteer placements in the field of social work and education are located in and around Cape Town.

Quick Facts

Language: In addition to Afrikaans and English, South Africa has 9 other official languages; Knowledge of English is usually sufficient to get around..

Capital City: South Africa has 3 capital cities - Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Cape Town.

Size: 1,2 Millionen sqm (about 3,5 times as big as Germany)

Number of Inhabitants: 58,15 Millionen People

Currency: South African Rand (ZAR) – 1 GBP = approx. 20 ZAR

Neighbouring Countries: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland

You are in doubt whether South Africa is the right destination for you?


We have compiled 10 good reasons why South Africa is special:

Best Travel Time South Africa

Weather & climate in South Africa


South Africa has a year-round mild climate and sunshine all year round. Since the country is located in the southern hemisphere, its seasons are exactly the opposite of those in Europe. Actually there is no time when South Africa is not worth a visit. Each season has its own charm and offers different attractions. Winter and spring is the perfect time for nature lovers: it is the wild flower season and also the best time to observe whales and land-bound wild animals. Winter also offers excellent conditions for surfing. November to March are the best months for all those who love sun and heat and want to escape winter in the northern hemisphere.

Safety in South Africa

Media reports about high crime rates in South Africa are a big concern for many of our participants. However, foreign visitors including volunteers are hardly affected by the type of crime and violence that the international media report  about.


The high rates of violent crime are mainly due to family violence and gang related crime in certain townships and tourists and volunteers are usually not affected by it.


All our placements are assessed  with regards to your personal security. In addition, we will introduce you to life in South Africa upon arrival and give you many tips how to move around independently, but safely. The topic of safety & security is also a focus of the live&learn city tour: we will show you typical “unsafe” places and introduce you to important rules for safe behaviour. They are comparable to those that apply to many major cities around the world.


Most of our participants are surprised how easy the adjustment is.

Rules for Safe Behaviour

  • Familiarize yourself with your surroundings, talk to locals about safe places and places that you should avoid
  • Follow the security rules of your landlord
  • Never leave valuables in the car
  • Never take hitchhikers with you
  • Never visit the townships without an experienced guide, and avoid remote, dark, or lonely streets; After dark, only move around on foot in a group, in case of doubt order an UBER or taxi to get home safely
  • Don’t display your valuables openly
  • Don’t take valuables to the beach
  • Only withdraw money from ATMs in safe places such as shopping malls

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