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Early Childhood Development and Education Internships in Cape Town

Are you looking for an international education internship? Would like to gain experience in approaches to early childhood education in an African country? Are you studying educational sciences or pedagogy, or are you training to be an educator or teacher for pre-school children?

Then, our education internships in nursery -and pre-schools as well as early childhood development centres in Cape Town offer you ample learning opportunities: You will get a deep insight into the South African education system, and learn how to teach in multi-lingual and multi-cultural settings. At the same time you will make a valuable contribution to improving educational opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

As part of our Early Childhood Development and Education Internships in South Africa, you can get involved in the following projects:

Community Centre Kindergarten

Would you like to collect practical experience in early childhood development and pre-school education in multi-confessional and multi-cultural classes? Then an internship in the kindergarten of this multi-confessional community centre in one of Cape Town's poorest neighbourhoods is an exciting experience for you.

Township Nursery Schools

This project trains local women in townships as early childhood educators and supports them with opening and running their own nursery schools to improve income generating opportunities as well as educational services in Cape Town's townships. Because of the huge demand, the classes in these nursery schools are rather big and the educators are grateful for your support in running the educational programmes.

Baby Sanctuary near Cape Town

This long-standing baby sanctuary near Cape Town offers babies and toddlers with chronic diseases or challenges in their families a temporary home till they can be reunited with their families or till a foster family has been found. As an intern you assist the team of carers, social workers, therapists and remedial educators with all tasks to care, heal and foster babies and toddlers.

Mother&Child Care Centre

This long-standing project in the heart of Cape Town offers temporary shelter and support to pregnant women and single mothers in need. Depending on your background and interest you can either support the educators in the child care centre or social interventions with their mothers.

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