Internships in South Africa

Our internships in South Africa allow you to collect international professional  experience in your field of study, exchange ideas and skills with like minded professionals, gain independence, and deepen your intercultural skills as well as English language skills. You also have the opportunity s make interesting contacts and add an interesting experience to your CV.

All our internships are hosted by non-profit, civic organisations in the field of education, social work, human rights, empowerment, biodiversity or sustainable development. Hence, your learning expereince goes hand in hand with doing good and you will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the success of South Africa’s young democracy.

*** Please note that our English website is under construction. Contact us if you cannot find the info you need! ***

Our internships in South Africa focus on the following areas of study:

Praktikum in Südafrika


Auslandspraktikum Südafrika Soziale Arbeit

Social Work

Praktikum in Südafrika

Childcare & Education

Praktikum in Südafrika


Praktikum in Südafrika

Public Health

Praktikum in Südafrika

Marketing & Communication

Praktikum in Südafrika Tiermedizin

Veterinary Medicine

Praktikum in Südafrika

Environment & Sustainability

Who will benefit from internships in South Africa?

Our internships in South Africa are particularly suitable for students and graduates, who would like to collect international experience in their field of study. Internships require relevant professional skills in the focus area of your internship, good English language skills, as well as the ability to work independently. Your tasks vary with the focus area as well as your qualifications and experience and can be adjusted to your skills and interests. Some internships also involve research tasks, and some of our partners offer that you can use your internship to collect data for your Bachelor or Masters Thesis.

How long are internships in South Africa?

Most organisations expect a minimum duration of 8 to 12 weeks. Selected projects allow shorter internships of 4 to 6 weeks. Most of our partners offer flexible starting dates as tailor-made designs of our internships are important to us. In some of our school and education projects you need to consider the South African schol holidays, in particular the long summer holidays over Christmas. You can apply any time for an internship in South Africa. If yu would like to apply for a scholarship for your internship you should apply early so you do not miss application deadlines to apply for financial support.

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