Visa requirements for South Africa

The visa requirements for South Africa depend on your nationality. Citizens of many countries such as European Union member countries, Australia, New Zealand, Russia do a receive a visitor permit for 90 days cost free upon arrival. The visitor permit allows you to travel and volunteer in an accredited non-profit organisation.

Volunteer Visa in South Africa

If your country is not exempted from the visa rrequirement or if your voluntary service shall last longer than 90 days, you must apply for a visa at the South African Embassy in your home country before departure. The issueing of your visa may take up to 10 weeks - depending on your planned purpose of your stay and specific agreement of your home country with the South African government. There are a number of documents to be submitted with your visa application, including a confirmation of your activity in South Africa, a health certificate, a valid passport, a radiological report of the lungs, a police clearance, a flight reservation and proof of sufficient financial means. live&learn will provide hands-on support with your visa application and will also ensure that you receive the necessary confirmation letters from the host organisation in time.

Visa for an internship in South Africa

Due to the new entry regulations that came into force in May 2014, internships in South Africa are currently only possible in selected specialist areas of work and only for citizens of selected countries. However, many volunteer placements can also be recognised as internships abroad. The visa regulations can change again at any given time. South Africa's new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has announced a relaxation of current visa regulations. Please contact us for up to date information about regulations applying to your home country!

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