Veterinary Internships

Veterinarian Internships

You are studying veterinary medicine or you are training towards becoming an animal keeper and you are looking for a veterianarian internship abroad?

You are already working as a veterinarian or animal keeper and you want to collect experience in working with wild animals?


Then our internships in our wild animal conservation projects will be an exciting opportunity for you.

In all projects you will work with wild animals and you will have the opportunity to learn all about diagnosis and treatment of typical diseases and injuries as well as sustainable prevention approaches. By interning in these projects you will also make a meaningful contribution to wildlife conservation in South Africa.

Choose between these projects for a Veterinarian Internship in South Africa:

Wildlife Veterinary Internship

Are you looking for an vet internship or training in the treatment of South Africa's Big 5? You are already qualified as vet or you are in the process of becoming a vet or a veterinary nurse? Then, this 3 week long Vet Training Course is the perfect opportunity: the course is designed to be a hands-on experience where veterinary students will be involved in all facets of wildlife capture and veterinary procedures. This is a hands-on incomparable experience. Focusing more on the practical aspect and what happens behind the scenes.

Hospital for Penguins and Seabirds

Penguins and sea birds fascinate you? You would like to learn more about their specific medical needs and treatment procedures? Then an internship in this hospital and rehab centre for penguins and other sea birds in Cape Town offers you a unique learning opportunity. At the same time you make a meaningful contribution towards the conservation of the endangered African Penguin.

Monkey Sanctuary KwaZulu Natal

You are already a qualified Vet or vet nurse and you would like to collect professional experience in the treatment of wild animals such as monkeys? Then working with this unique free roaming sanctuary for monkeys born in captivity allows you a deep insight into the treatment and rehabilitation of monkeys after a life in captivity!

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