Sabbatical in South Africa

There are many good reasons to take a sabbatical in South Africa:

Perhaps you just need a break from your daily routine and you would like to immerse in a completely different life for a short while? Or you are looking for a change of career and you are looking for some inspiration which direction your new carrer path should take? Or you simply would  like to take some time out to donate your time and skills to a good cause?


Whatever your motivation our programme Sabbatical in South Africa offers plenty of opportunities:

Be it travelling, language classes, further training or volunteering – we will provide you with tailor-made advise about the various opportunities in South Africa and how they best fit your motivation, skills and interests.


Some first ideas you will find on the pages below.

Freiwilligenarbeit Praktikum Sabbatical Ausland



Language Course

Further Training

For who is a Sabbatical in South Africa suitable?

Our Sabbaticals in South Africa are suitable for open-minded people of all ages, who are looking for an opportunity to have a break from their daily routines and to gain international experience. The requirements for our volunteer placements vary; in many cases you can join without any special expertise. If you would like to donate your skills and expertise to a good cause, we will advise you which projects are looking for your special expertise or skills set.

How long does a Sabbatical in South Africa take?

The duration of a sabbatical is flexible and very much depends on how you would like to spend it. Language and other training courses as well as tours are possible from 1 week, volunter placements in our wildlife and conservation projects are possible from 2 weeks, volunteer placements in all other focus areas are possible from 4 to 6 weeks. Most our project partners are flexible around starting dates since the possibility of an individual design of your sabbatical is important to us.

Would you like to receive some tailor-made advise about sabbaticals in South Africa?
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