Volunteering in South Africa

Volunteering in South Africa

Volunteering in our non-profit projects in South Africa provides you with the unique opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to a good cause and at the same time get a deep insight into a fascinating country.

Volunteering in South Africa also provides you with ample of opportunities to learn about social, economic and environmental challenges in a country of the Global South.

Our volunteer placements are based on the idea of mutual learning and skills development. We offer placements in a wide range of academic and developmental focus areas as well as civic engagement. Our partner-organisations are all accredited non-profit organisations, social entreprises or public schools in South Africa.


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As a volunteer, you can get involved in the following academic and developmental focus areas:

Freiwilligenarbeit Südafrika Soziales & Bildung

Social & Education

Freiwilligenarbeit Südafrika Sport


Public Health & Therapy

Environment & Sustainability

Freiwilligenarbeit Südafrika Tierschutz

Wildlife Conservation

Freiwilligenarbeit Südafrika Marketing, Kommunikation

Marketing & Communication

Who is volunteering for?

Our volunteer placements in South Africa are particularly suitable for high school graduates and school leavers aged 18 and up, as well as students or professionals of all ages, who would like to donate their time and skills and make a meaningul contribution to a good cause. Most of our voluntary placements do not require formal qualifications, but above all a great interest and passion and willingness to help. Relevant expertise is very welcome in all projects, in some projects it is a requirement. Further information about the requiremens for participation you will find in the project descriptions. Or contact us for tailor-made advise.

How long does a voluntary service take?

Most of our partners expect a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks. Some selected projects also allow a shorter assignments. In our nature and animal conservation projects placements are possible from 2 weeks. In most projects the dstarting dates are flexible to allow for a tailor-made design of your stay. There are no application deadlines, you can apply at any time. Depending on the project, length and time of the planned stay, you should apply 2 to 9 months before the planned arrival date.

Would you like to combine your volunteer placement with a tour or a language course?
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