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Virtual Internships Abroad

Our virtual internship program is an answer to the global Covid-19 crisis and the associated travel bans, which make an internship abroad currently impossible.


Efforts to fight this unprecedented global crisis show how important international work experience is in order to solve the crisis across countries and continents.


Our virtual internship program aims particularly at students in the fields of business administration, marketing, communication, health management, environmental management and non-profit management. As part of your international internship you work from home and support non-profit organizations in South Africa in the development and management of crowdfunding campaigns to assist in civil society organisations in mitigating the social and economic impact of the Covid-10 crisis.


The measures taken by the South African government such as a very strict Lockdown and international travel bans have proven to be very successful to prevent the explosion infections with the Corona Virus in South Africa. However, they have serious economic consequences – many people have lost their jobs, and the government’s rescue programs are not far reaching enough despite enormous efforts:


Food Security for South Africa’s Poorest Population:

Our project partners working in the field of social interventions urgently need support to organize soup kitchens and food packages for the increasing number of people without any income.


Support for Victims of Domestic Violence:

Our partners in the health sector report an increase in domestic violence, which affects children and women in particular. They need support to temporarily house and care for victims of domestic violence.


Support for Wild Animal Sanctuaries:

Our partners in animal conservation, who are running sanctuaries for wild animals such as lions and other wild cats as well as monkeys, are usually funded up to 90% by entrance fees from international visitors, urgently need support to feed the animals in their care.


During these difficult times, our partners are more dependent than ever on international donations. As an intern, you make an important contribution to the fundraising efforts of our partners and thus also an important contribution to mitigate the economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 crisis.



As part of our free, virtual internship abroad program, you support the live&learn team in crowdfunding campaigns for the following emergency programs:


Food Kitchens & Food Security

Soup Kitchens & Food Security


Victims of Domestic Violence

Victims of Domestic Violence


Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Who is a virtual internship for?

Our virtual internship programme aims particularly at students in the fields of marketing, non-profit management, health and environmental management who want to gain international experience in times of international travel bans and who would like to make a positive contribution to coping with the social and economic consequences of the Corona crisis in South Africa.


Ideally, you have the following skills:


  • Expertise or experience in marketing, communication, fundraising or crowdfunding
  • Good computer skillsExperience with social media platforms
  • Travel enthusiasm, enthusiasm for South Africa
  • Interest in getting involved in a good cause
  • Self-initiative and high motivation


A virtual internship abroad offers you excellent learning opportunities in the field of non-profit management as well as marketing and fundraising in an international context. You will get a deep insight into the social and economic situation of a country in the Global South and you will make relevant international contacts. As soon as the international travel bans are lifted and you can visit South Africa yourself, we will support you in organising your stay in South Africa as well visits of project (s) that you supported as part of your internship.

What are the tasks and how long does it take?

You support live&learn in the development and management of crowdfunding campaigns for our partner organizations that are particularly affected by the Covid-19 crisis or organize extensive emergency programmes for particularly affected people.


Your specific tasks include:


  • Planning and design of crowdfunding campaigns
  • Editing of information and media (video and photos) for the campaigns
  • Communication with project partners on various aspects of the campaign (e.g. arrangement of incentives / gifts for donors)
  • Spread the campaign using live & learns communication tools such as website, newsletter and social media (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Writing progress reports and communicating with donors and partner institutions.


You complete the virtual internship abroad from home with flexible working hours either part-time or full-time. You can also determine the length of your internship yourself. The management of one crowdfunding campaign usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks on a part-time basis.

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