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Public Health & Therapy

Volunteering in our programme Public Health & Therapy allows you to make a meaningful contribution to improve medical and therapeutic services for South Africa’s poorest population. You will work alongside health professionals such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists or occupational therapists in special needs schools or homes for children with disabilities.

Our non-profit partners are particularly interested in applications from speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, remedial teachers as well as nurses and psychologists.

As part of our volunteer programme Public Health & Therapy in South Africa you can assist in the following projects in Cape Town: 

Speech Therapy - Special Needs School

You are a speech therapist and you would like to collect international experience? You are looking for a social commitment and you enjoy working with school children? This special needs school for children with physical disabilities and learning challenges is looking for your support!

Physiotherapy - Special Needs School

You are a trained physiotherapist and you would like to collect professional experience in a foreign country? You are looking for a social commitment and you enjoy working with school children? This Special Needs School in Cape Town needs your support!

Occupational Therapy - Special Needs School

You are a trained occupational therapist, you would like to expand your horizon and collect professional ínternational experience you enjoy working with school children? The team of occupational therapists at this special needs school in Cape Town is looking for your support!

Mental Health

This centre for the promotion of mental health opened its doors in 1913 and is located in in the heart of Cape Town. It offers a wide range of interventions for people with mental disabilities and challenges. As a volunteer you have the opportunity to assist social workers and therapists in the various rehab programmes for adult clients.

Remedial Education

This small home for children and youth with severe physical and intellectual disabilities is looking for volunteers to assist the remedial teacher and therapists with educational and therapeutic programmes in the home's day centre that is visited by about 20 children. It is an ideal placement for physiotherapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists.

Baby Sanctuary

The centre provides holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children from birth to six years of age. Children are placed “temporally” with a court order after which the child is either reunited, placed in foster care, and /or adopted. Volunteers assist nurses and care takers as well as curative educators with early childhood development programmes with a special focus on children with physical, intellectual or emotional disorders.

Psycho-social Support Service at Public Schools

If you have qualifications in psychology or social work this project initiated by a group of committed psychologists is looking for your support: you have the opportunity to support the psycho-social support service at selected public high schools in Cape Town, assist with counselling tasks as well as therapeutic interventions and collect much experience with trauma therapy.

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