Environment & Sustainability

Environment & Conservation & Sustainability

As part of our volunteer programme Environment, Conservation & Sustainability South Africa you have the opportunity to contribute to the protection of South Africa’s unique biodiversity and to assist in poverty alleviation through sustainable farming intiatives.


In our environment & conservation projects you can assist the rehabilitation of endangered species, the planting of indegenous plants and trees as well as the greening of urban areas.


In our sustainability projects you can contribute to sustainable poverty alleviation initiatives in Cape Town and surrounding rural areas. Climate change and the various water crisis in recent years have caused a sharp increase in food prices and with that also an increase of related problems such as malnutrition. As a volunteer  you can assist in permaculture and urban farming projects that seek to contribute to sustainable development as well as food security.


Check out the below nature conservation&sustainability projects in the Greater Cape Town area that look for assistance: 

Nature Reserve Cape Town

This Nature Reserve is the largest of 8 sanctuaries on the False Bay coastline in Cape Town's South. The reserve functions as a fish hatchery, nursery and habitat for many animals, especially birds. Various endangered species also find refuge here. At the same time it is a popular site for recreational activities. Volunteers assist conservation and rehabilitation tasks as well as environmental education activities with school children.

Climate Protection Cape Town

This social entreprise in Cape Town focuses on reforestation projects as well as urban greening and environmental education initiatives in Southern Africa.<br /> As a volunteer in the Cape Town office you support the planting of trees in Cape Town's Townships, you assist with environmental education programmes and you also help with all tasks in the tree nursery of the project.

Environmental Management

This nature reserve has opened its doors in 1956 and is home to the only hippo family in Cape Town. As a volunteer you assist all protection and rehabilitation tasks, i.e. you assist the team to monitor plant and animal populations, to take soil and water samples, From January to March you also assist educational programmes with schools and youth organisations.

Sustainable Development

This project in the heart of the winelands focuses on the empowerment of local small scale farmers by training them in sustainable farming methods and assisting them in setting up their own food gardens and farming projects. As a volunteer you assist the team on the project's pilot farm, you help with testing new permaculture methods, product development, marketing of products as well as general maintenance tasks on the farm.

Organic Farming

Besides poultry, livestock and beekeeping this small organic farm operated by a 5 star private nature reserve grows vegetables, herbs and salads and trains local women in developing and marketing various farm products. As a volunteer you assist all tasks on the farm such as sewing, planting, weeding, harvesting, general maintenance as well as research and development of new products.

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