Wildlife Vet Internship

Wildlife Vet Internship in South Africa

Are you a Vet student and you are looking for a Wildlife Vet Internship in South Africa? Or are you a Vet nurse or trained Veterinarian looking for further training in treating South Africas’s famous Big 5 and other wild animals?


This 3 week long training course in South Africa is designed to be a hands-on experience where veterinary students, vets and vet nurses will be involved in all facets of wildlife capture and veterinary procedures. You will learn about various methods and procedures involved for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in wild animals, including South Africa’s Big 5 such as the African elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, and African Buffalo.


This Wildlife Vet Internship is a hands-on incomparable experience. Focusing more on the practical aspect and what happens behind the scenes.

This Wildlife Veterinary internship in South Africa is designed for people either already qualified as vets or someone that is in the process of becoming a vet (preferably 2nd year or more into veterinary studies) and veterinary nurses.  The program is open to others interested in this field with special consideration.


As part of this wildlife vet internship you will be guided and work alongside an experienced wildlife professional as well as a South African wildlife veterinarian.  It is unique combination of lectures to provide you with essential background knowledge as well as hands-on practical experience with exercising the various practical steps involved in diagnosis and treatment. Lectures will be presented by Wildlife vets as well as wildlife professionals.  The number of participants is limited to allow you a maximum of hands-on practical experience.


This veterinarian internship takes place in the Western Cape on 3 different game reserves around South Africa’s famous Garden Route. It allows you a deep insight into treatment and prevention of typical diseases of wild animals with a special focus on South Africa’s famous Big 5. At the same time you will also get a deep insight into sustainable apporaches to the management of Big 5 game reserves.


Most universities and training colleges do accredit this course as an obligatory internship as part of your Vet training or practical year. Please send us your internship requirements and we will check whether this internship fulfils the requirements of your university.

Quick Facts

Place: Garden Route, approx. 400 km from Cape Town

Starting Dates 2021: 18.4., 6.6., 4.7., 8.8. and 5.9.2021; Starting Dates 2022: 17.4., 5.6., 3.7., 7.8. und 4.9.2022

Duration: 3 Weeks, additional weeks are possible

Focus Areas: Veterinary Medicine, Animal Care and Husbandry, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Medicine, Further Training

Accommodation: in double room in comfortable farm house

Requirements: Training or previous experience in Veterinary Medicine or Animal Care

What will you be learning as part of your Wildlife Vet Internship in South Africa?

Course content will include theoretical and practical information on the following:

  • Legal and ethical considerations when doing wildlife work in South Africa
  • Basic Physiology
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Applied pharmacology
  • Stress and captured related death
  • Safety and first aid in the field
  • Principles of chemical and physical restraint of wild animals
  • Helicopter use in wildlife work
  • Chemical immobilization – individual species
  • Drug –injecting equipment
  • Ballistics and projectile darting systems
  • Dart projectors
  • Other restraint tools
  • Ancillary treatment in wildlife capture and care
  • Capture and transport of wildlife animals
  • Post capture boma management

Total costs for the 3-week Wildlife Vet Internship, including all programme fees, food&accommodation as well as travel costs such as flights and travel insurance: from 4.583,- €


The following costs are included:

  • Accommodation in double room in comfortable farm house
  • Catering (3 meals per day)
  • Daily transport to the varios game reserves
  • Return flight from Europe to Cape Town *
  • Transfer with public bus to and from Cape Town to place of training
  • International health insurance *
  • Qualified advice on all aspects of volunteering, internships and sabbaticals in South Africa
  • Professional help in compiling your application documents
  • Assistance with all paper work to get the internship accredited with your unviersity
  • All training fees and study material
  • Assistance with your travel arrangements (flight, visa, insurance, vaccination, accommodation, etc.)
  • live & learn info package and Cape Town guide with many insider tips for your time in South Africa
  • Competent contact in Cape Town to assist with travel advise or any problems and challenges while you are in South Africa
  • Regular social events
  • Contact with other live & learn participants
  • Assistance in planning your leisure activities
  • Emergency number in case of problems
  • Proof of your activity in South Africa


* You book the flight and insurances yourself so that you can choose the offer of your choice. The approximate costs are included in the total price above.

Not included: Costs for snacks and soft drinks as well as leisure time activities

  • We are your South Africa experts
  • We offer personal consultation tailored to your individual ideas and needs
  • We guarantee a placement in a project that fits to your interests and possible university requirements
  • We assist with all paper work to get your internship accredited with your unviersity or college
  • We assist with all travel preparations and share insider tips that you won’t find in any travel guide
  • We provide you with contacts to other live&learn participants
  • If you wish, we welcome you at the airport in Cape Town and help you to get adjusted to living and working in South Africa
  • We are here for you throughout your stay in South Africa to debrief your experience and to assist with any possible challenges
  • We offer regular social events in Cape Town
  • We inform you about all costs in a transparent manner (no hidden costs) and also assist with applying for financial aid such as scholarships
  • As part of our quality management all our projects as well as experiences of our participants are regularily assessed
  • All our project partners make a contribution to implement human rights in South Africa and/or work towards social and ecological justice and sustainability in South Africa

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